grellpastell statement



as a designer I am almost always working on a product base, using precious and nonprecious metals, mixed media, paper, paper maché and found objects or recycling materials.

labeled "GRELLPASTELL - fine design -" I make artistic jewelry and innovative decorations.

my jewelry and paper maché objects are characterized by a time consuming work process. different to industrial products they have their very own charm, every piece is made by hand and one of a kind.

my credo "trash to treasure" together with the japanese philosophy of "wabi sabi" means to show the beauty of imperfection, the magic of the mundane.

in addition to my design work, I like  painting and drawing, I am attracted to photography and digital art and make graphic- and webdesign.

I feel passion for what I do, being creative is my whole existence. for my work it is substantial to be faithful to myself and my ideas and to find individual forms to express myself.